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Upholstery Solutions For Industry Specific and Residential Environments

Contact us

If you would like more information about ROI Office Furniture products or services, or would like to schedule a consultation, call, email us at, or through the contact us tab above. 


When you contact us for a consultation on Re-upholstery Services and together we will:

  • Go over what you want and schedule for work to be done​

  • You will receive a quote for work discussed

  • Select from a variety of colors and designs

  • We will pick up your furniture  (or you can drop it off)

  • We replace the foam if needed and reupholster your furniture 

  • Your furniture is delivered into its location

  • Looking new and refreshed your space is rejuvenated at a fraction of the cost of replacement

Visit our Office Furniture & Systems Division for your Office Furniture Solutions

ROI Office Furniture & Systems

How to respond to workplace needs after COVID-19

AIS Screens for Workstations

There is a new normal unfolding for work environments.

As we return to work, there are new needs to be met to address the safety and well being of employees and customers.

From the orientation of workstations, needing more screens and dividers, higher panels and social distancing spacing of employees.


ROI Office Furniture & Systems along with AIS, is committed to providing a healthy workspace solutions with added or retrofitted standard product solutions.  


Let us work with you to find the right solutions for your work environment and distancing solutions.  



Mobile, Flexible table solutions

Durable 30-gauge clear vinyl panels.

Safe & remain flexible, will not shatter, no sharp edges

Sits 1” off tabletop. Total height is 17.5” off tabletop, 16.5” panel height. For ease of sanitation

Easy to install or remove. Single 3/16 hex key included for secure tightening. 

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