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Maintain your Higher Education Environment

Residence Hall Furniture

University Residence Halls are known for their style of furniture and college students are known for their lifestyle and preferences. A typical Residence Hall functions as numerous living spaces (i.e. bedroom, living room, and in some cases dining room.)

Dorm furniture needs to be tough, durable, and comfortable at the same time. Students spend countless hours in their rooms and common areas, and they expect to feel at home in this living space. ROI Upholstery Concepts provides Higher Education Institutes with the resources they need to make this possible. In addition to offering new furniture, we also offer a program of refurbishing old and worn-out pieces back to their “like-new” condition through our re-upholstery program.  We can renew your furniture during low attendance times and have them delivered back to you in time for students return to school.









Office and Lounge Areas

Most Universities and other educational institutions are faced with the problem of storing damaged, unusable furniture that ties up space and valuable furniture assets. Our Rotational Enrichment Program offers a solution: an ongoing recycling schedule that provides a continuous rotation of furniture from your facility to our plant where it is repaired, refurbished, and returned to you in like-new condition.

ROI Upholstery Concepts has the solution to keeping school employees comfortable while doing their jobs and while also meeting the furniture needs posed by a constant and high-volume stream of students.













Cafeteria and Dining Commons

The tables, chairs, and other furniture used in Cafeterias or Dining Commons are perhaps more susceptible to abuse than any other setting on campus. Not only do they need to be uniform, but highly durable and you need a lot of them.

ROI Upholstery Concepts provides high-quality and affordable furniture solutions  for cafeterias and dining commons that will give students an ample setting in which to eat while allowing the institution to within budget.







Administrative & Executive Offices

Administrative offices are often areas that furniture needs are neglected.  Productivity can be increased with proper flow and function of the office furniture.  Employee moral is increased with an aesthetic environment.  Updating an Administrative office not only improves the staff productivity, but it also creates a great impression of the University to current and prospective students and families. The ROI team can guide you through the process of updating an office to meet your needs.



Auditorium and Multi-purpose Rooms

Re-Upholstery of Auditorium seating is a budget friendly option to replacing worn out fabric and foam.  We pick up the worn seats, backs, and arm pads in need of refreshing, and return them in "like new" condition, (installed back to the original frames).  This saves a great deal of cost compared to removing and re-bolting onto the Auditorium floors.    

Many rooms in Universities are used for more than one purpose.  Nesting and stacking furniture can be stored away quickly and easily.  We offer many options for your spaces needs.

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