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Refresh your Healthcare Furniture

Lobby Furniture

Your healthcare office’s lobby is the first experience that a patient has before receiving care at your facility. It should be an introduction to the professionalism and high-level of care that you offer. Rather than simply being a place to wait, it needs to be aesthetically inviting and reassuring.

ROI Upholstery Concepts provides area health care practices with the affordable furnishing they need to give the best introduction possible to the care you offer.














Patient Seating

Patients enjoy a comfortable seat when waiting for an appointment. 

ROI Upholstery Concepts and ROI Office Furniture & Systems offers a complete line of guest seating from numerous companies, including Carolina Seating, Krug, Quaker and many more.  


We also offer re-upholstery services to bring new life to your existing furniture at a fraction of the cost of replacement if the fabric and/or foam is worn.









Exam Tables

When a patient seeks care at your practice, they are often nervous, apprehensive and possibly scared about any number of things regarding their health and whatever treatment they might receive. An appointment with a healthcare professional can be a stressful experience for anyone, but a comfortable table in the exam room can help to put them at ease for the duration of their visit and their time under your care.

ROI Upholstery Concepts and ROI Office Furniture & Systems offers exam tables that are comfortable, affordable, and aesthetically soothing to help you to give patients the best healthcare experience you can. 


We also offer re-upholstery services to renew your existing exam tables for a fraction of the cost of replacing if just the fabric and foam are worn.  

Office Furniture

ROI Office Furniture & Systems specializes in durable, stylish, and functional office furniture made by today’s high-end manufacturers.  AIS, Open Plan Systems, Trendway, Hon, and Krug are among the many lines offered to businesses and healthcare practices.

We will work closely with you to ensure all of your needs are met. Whether it’s for employees or patients, a new workstation or upgrading an old one, an office that is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing is good for employers, employees and patients alike. You can be rest assured that we will finish your project on-schedule and on-budget. We are your complete source for healthcare office furniture.

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